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I am interested in the intersection between creativity and academic writing, and have organised a number of workshops on this topic.

My next event is a Greek Mythology Comic Writing Workshop, co-organised with Natalie Swain, Laura Jenkinson-Brown and Hannah Sackett, due to take place as part of the Being Human Festival of the Humanities from 10.30am -12 noon GMT

You can book to attend this free event via 'Tours and Workshops'

Previous workshops

I co-organised 2 panels/workshops at the Classical Association Conference in London in 2019 together with Emily Hauser from the University of Exeter, 'When Classics Gets Creative'.

My 2019 classics and creative writing project was a practical experiment into research and fanfiction writing. After seeing the RSC production of Imperium, adapted by Mike Poulton from Robert Harris' Cicero trilogy, I researched the life and character of Clodia Metelli, alongside fanfiction created by other writers, in order to write a 'real person fiction' story. I collaborated with artist Kyri Kyriakides, who created an illustration to accompany my story. Kyri has also illustrated my stories 'Arachne and Athena' and 'The White Hind'. 

In 2020 and 2021 I organised online creative writing workshops as part of the Being Human festival of the humanities, and Brighton Fringe festival


Greek mythology creative writing online workshop | Brighton Fringe


 Greek mythology creative writing online workshop